Community Outreach Requests

Health education is a major feature of our prevention efforts. Our health educator is able to provide information and programs for all age groups within our communities. Topics of interest may include: Chronic disease (heart health, diabetes and cancer prevention and detection), lead poisoning prevention, hand washing, tobacco control and prevention, obesity, nutrition and physical activity, general wellness, sexual health, communicable disease prevention and what is public health? If you would like to request a health department presentation or materials on a health topic for your business, school, church group, organization or community, please print, complete and review our Community Outreach and Education Request form with instructions.

MCRHC will strive to honor as many requests as possible, however, previously scheduled events or availability of staff may prevent MCRHC from doing so. In the event a request cannot be fulfilled as presented or if the event/program is unable to meet the guidelines listed on the request form, MCRHC will suggest an alternative means of education and outreach.

If you are hosting an event and would like to distribute health information brochures on specific topic areas, please e-mail us using the Contact Us form. We will do our best to accommodate you. We may also be reached at (732) 493-9520.