First, I would like to thank all of our schools, Monmouth University, NJ Department of Health, Contact Tracers and our public health partners for helping us and our communities during the past challenging two years. We all have struggled during this unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic but our combined efforts have demonstrated the need for public health and public health partners working in collaboration for the prevention of disease and the protection of the vulnerable in our communities.

This deadly COVID-19 Pandemic has been the worst disease outbreak that we have experienced since our founding in 1936 as the oldest shared services regional health department in Monmouth County. Staff has worked seven day a week over the past two years providing consultations, answering phone calls and providing premier services to Town Administrators, School Superintendents, School Nurses, Monmouth University, businesses, Physician Offices, Day Care Centers and Long-Term Care with the best possible advice and public health recommendations.

Second, as we move into the endemic phase of COVID-19, restaurants, public recreation activities, schools, businesses and town halls have reopened to the public. Businesses have re-hired and are hiring people. The COVID-19 mitigation steps that we and our public health partners have undertaken did not destroy our economy but provided a more resilient economy that has further taken into account the protections of our community and its’ visitors. Besides COVID-19, we have continued our inspections of restaurants, beaches, pools and public health nuisance complaints. Our Public Health Nurse Manager has continued to vaccinate adults, and children against childhood disease, as well as investigate childhood lead poisoning cases. Our Communicable Disease Team continues to investigate the numerous non-COVID-19 communicable diseases (Lyme’s Disease, Hepatitis B/C, food poisoning, etc.) for our towns, and Colts Neck, Freehold and Middletown through our shared services agreement.

When our Health Commissioners asked us to help vaccinate our community with the COVID-19 vaccines, we complied with the help of our public health partners and the NJ Health Department grants. Four thousand vaccinations later, we are happy to be able to contribute to the protection of our communities (including the vaccinations of the homebound residents) and we are committed to do more.

Finally, thank you all those in our communities that have worked with us to protect the public health of our people. Thank you for your resilience and community-mindedness. COVID-19 is still among us and please protect yourself with masking and vaccinations. Remember “Public Health = Economic Health”.

Should you need any services or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (732) 493-9520 x101or .

Yours in Health,
David Henry
David Henry, MPH
Health Officer