Monmouth County Coalitions and Partnerships

In the simplest terms, a community coalition is a group of individuals or organizations working together to achieve a common goal. Pooling together resources of local health departments, academia, health professional associations, health care providers, community leaders, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, other governmental and non-governmental agencies can bring about effective and more efficient delivery of programs with community wide-approaches aimed at improving population health.

The National Association of County Health Officials states that Coalitions can:

  1. Create synergies by uniting diverse interests behind a single goal, such as women’s health or better air quality

  2. Raise the profile of a public health issue, such as excessive hospital admissions or sex abuse of women migrant farm workers

  3. Reach out to under-served populations, such as immigrants from Central America or the Hmong, by working with religious, ethnic-specific, and other organizations they trust

  4. Help change behavior on a community-wide scale, such as tobacco use or level of exercise

  5. Attract funding for a cause, such as a clinic or support for families with mental health problems, by showing private funders there’s a solid platform for sustainable action and showing public officials the cause has a strong constituency

Coalitions/Partnerships in Monmouth County

Ocean Monmouth Regional Tobacco Collaborative

Health Improvment Coaltion of Monmouth County

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