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An increase in rabies activity is being seen among wildlife in the Point Pleasant area of northern Ocean County according to officials at the Ocean County Health Department.

As some of our municipalities border the area of concern, The Monmouth County Regional Health Commission is urging residents to vaccinate their dogs and cats against rabies. A schedule of upcoming clinics is available on this website.

Rabies is endemic in the wildlife population and is cyclical in nature.  Once raccoons hibernate the activity should begin to subside.  If pets are involved in fights with raccoons or other wildlife, residents should not handle them with bare hands and should contact their veterinarian immediately.  Residents are further warned not to handle or feed stray or wild animals.  Animals not typically seen during the day such as raccoons and skunks, or any animal exhibiting unusual behavior could be infected with rabies.  Residents should call the animal control officer or the local police department to report suspect animals.

All animal bites must be immediately reported to the Health Department.   If you are bitten by an animal with an owner, get the owner’s name, address and phone number.  If it is a stray or wild animal, take note of the location of the animal and identifying marks and report it to the Animal Control Officer or Police Department.  Wash your wound with soap and water and contact your physician regarding the need for post-exposure rabies treatment.

For additional information on rabies, visit the New Jersey Department of health and Senior Services Web site at






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