Monmouth County Regional Health Commission

To report a Communicable Disease, contact the MCRHC at 732 493-9520 (8:30 am - 4: 30 pm weekdays) after hours please call the same number and ask our answering service to contact the Health Officer, Sandra Van Sant
Reporting Requirements

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President:                   Paul D. Roman
Vice-President:          Brian Charnick
Treasurer:                  Peter Lang

The elected officers of the Commission consist of President, Vice-President and Treasurer. The title and duties of the Commission Secretary are assigned to the Health Officer .

All Commissioners are eligible to run for office. Each year nominations and elections for each office take place at the January reorganization meeting and those elected  start their one year term of office at that time.

The President is in charge of all business meetings of the Commission and is the signer of all legal and financial instruments.

The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President. The Vice-President also performs such duties as delegated by the President. The Vice-President, in the absence of or at the direction of the President, shall be a signer of legal and financial documents.

The Treasurer and the Treasurer’s designees shall collect, receive and have charge of all funds, revenues, and income of the Commission. The Treasurer is responsible for the proper disbursement of funds as established and approved by the Commission. The Treasurer shall provide a full written report covering cash receipts and disbursements and other financial transactions at each regular Commission meeting for the period since the last issued report. The Treasuer shall be a co-signer of all financial instruments with the President or Vice-President or Secretary.

The President, Vice-President, and Treasurer serve without renumeration, except for Commission-approved expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

The Secretary (Health Officer) shall be responsible for carrying out the rules of the Commission and shall enforce all applicable laws, codes, regulations and ordinances. The Secretary shall be a co-signer with the President (or Vice-President, if he is acting for the President) of legal and financial documents.




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