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This is an update to a NJ LINCS message sent on March 9, 2013 regarding an outbreak of mumps occurring at the University of Richmond (UR) currently under investigation by the Virginia Department of Health. The outbreak at the UR does not appear to be linked to the ongoing outbreak of mumps at Loyola University in Maryland.

The Virginia Department of Health continues to investigate and respond to an ongoing outbreak of mumps at the UR, located in Henrico County and Richmond City, VA. A total of 42 mumps cases have been reported since March 4, 2013:
seventeen of those have been laboratory confirmed. Onset dates range between March 3 and March 29. All cases are in UR students with a documented history of two doses of mumps-containing vaccine.
Sixty percent of cases have developed parotitis onset on or after March 20, indicating a larger second generation.

Furthermore, 4 additional cases (1 confirmed, 3 suspected) with possible links to UR students have been identified among persons within VA, including
3 Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) students. Of the 3 VCU students, 1 was lab confirmed (onset of parotitis on March 19): 2 additional symptomatic students are under investigation.

A notification letter was sent to students, parents, faculty and staff by the UR and area hospitals and urgent care facilities were alerted. NJ residents might have been exposed to students visiting NJ on spring break or might be exposed while visiting the campus. In addition, the school year will end in early May with students returning to or visiting NJ while on summer break. Students might present to NJ healthcare providers for evaluation.

Healthcare providers and local health departments should consider mumps in the differential of any person presenting with parotitis. Healthcare providers and local health departments should obtain a detailed history to determine if the person is a student at UR, might have recently visited the school, or had close contact with a student or staff member.
Please be aware that outbreaks of mumps have occurred in vaccinated populations. Persons with suspected mumps should be isolated for 5 days after onset of parotitis and, if they visit a health-care setting, droplet precautions should be initiated immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Serology is difficult to interpret in vaccinated individuals.
Therefore, in addition to serology, a buccal swab and/or urine specimen for viral isolation should be collected from persons presenting with a clinically compatible illness, especially those who are vaccinated or whose vaccination status is unknown. Mumps is a disease reportable within 24 hours as per N.J.A.C 8:57, which can be accessed at:

Health care providers should report all suspect cases to the local health department where the patient resides. If unable to reach the local health department, notify the NJDOH/Vaccine Preventable Disease Program (VPDP) (during regular business hours) at (609) 826-4861. If after-hours or on the weekend, call NJDOH at (609) 392-2020. Local health departments should contact the NJDOH VPDP. If mumps is suspected, the VPDP can offer guidance on the appropriate clinical specimens to obtain and facilitate transport of specimens to the Public Health and Environmental Laboratories (PHEL), as appropriate.

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