To report a Communicable Disease, contact the MCRHC at 732 493-9520 (8:30 am - 4: 30 pm weekdays) after hours please call the same number and ask our answering service to contact the Health Officer,David A. Henry
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Mobile Food Truck Units
Restaurant Inspections

(s) = Satisfactory
(cs) = Conditional Satisfactory
(U) = Unsatisfactory

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    • Satisfactory - the establishment is operating in substantial compliance with this chapter. Food service personnel demonstrate that they are aware of and are practicing the required sanitation and food safety principles.

    • Conditional Satisfactory - at the time of inspection, the establishment was found not to be operating in substantial compliance with this chapter and in violation of one or more required provisions. Due to the nature of these violations, an unannounced full reinspection will be scheduled. Opportunity for reinspection is offered within a reasonable time determined by the severity of the violation.

    • Unsatisfactory - whenever a retail food establishment is operating in violation of this chapter, with one or more violations constituting gross unsanitary or unsafe conditions posing imminent health hazards, the Health Authority immediately requests the establishment's manager to voluntarily cease operation until reinspection verifies that conditions warranting unsatisfactory evaluation no longer exist. Meanwhile, the health authority institutes necessary measures provided by law to assure that the establishment does not prepare or serve food until reinspection validates that conditions now meet health standards.

December 17, 2013

MOBILE NAME LIC NUMBER TOWNS SELLING IN: 2012 2013 Insp Reinsp 1 Reinsp 2
Capela (Stuffies) XX347F Various 12/12/12 (s)      
Cappy's Dogs X28-CCK Ocean 7/19/12 (s)      
Cinnamon Snail (RB Farmers Mkt) XT862K Red Bank 3/16/12 (s)      
Fork in the Road XX632H Spring Lake   7/8/13 (s)    
Freezy Freeze (RB Farmer's Mkt) mobile Red Bank   5/10/13 (s)    
Frozen Desserts, LLC XZ131B Red Bank 7/5/12 (s)      
Good Humor XW-938E Ocean, WLB, Tinton Falls 4/5/12 (s)      
Good Humor XW-949E Ocean, WLB, Tinton Falls 4/5/12 (s) 4/18/13 (s)    
Good Humor XZ813A Various 4/13/12 (s)      
HIG LLC THB78X Wall 6/8/12 (s)      
Hoffman's Ice Cream XY561L Brielle, SLH, Wall 4/5/12 (s) 4/25/13 (cs)    
Jasmin Ice Cream XV702K WLB, various   5/30/13 (s)    
Jonnie G'sĀ  TJT-43F Ocean 7/19/12 (s) 7/22/13 (s)    
Karl's Dogs T7B873 OceanĀ  4/3/12 (s)      
Mad Hatter Mobile mobile Sea Bright   5/23/13 (s)    
Mickey's Ice Cream XAK Z81 Spring Lake Heights   7/17/13 (s)    
Mickey's Ice Cream & Italian Ice XU109W Ocean, WLB 3/21/12 (s)      
Mr. Softee XABX69 Sea Bright   7/11/13 (s)    
Nan's Dirty Dogs mobile Highlands 5/18/12 (s)      
Peaches & Cream XM269B Wall 4/11/12 (s) 4/11/13 (s)    
Pied Piper XS-360 V Ocean, LS, Rumson, Fair Haven 4/5/12 (s)      
Pied Piper XX536N Various 6/5/12 (s)      
Shore Good Eats & Treats XL9065 Highlands 3/22/12 (s)      
Tim's Ice Cream XZ820A Wall 5/11/12 (s) 4/29/13 (s)    
Twins Ice Cream XW938E Ocean, TF, WLB   4/24/13 (s)    
Weaser's Ice X5383R Brielle, Wall 6/22/12 (s)      
Weaser's Icees XZ37SP Wall   5/15/13 (s)    
Whispers Food Truck XANW74 Spring Lake   5/24/13 (s) 8/15/13 (s)